Thursday, September 24, 2009

Old Navy Weekly Coupon Locations - Thurs 9/24

Old Navy Weekly just updated with the coupon locations around 5:45pm PST and they were tough this week!! They only had 250 $75/$100 and 500 $50/$100. But, there are still great coupons available if you missed out on the high-value coupons!! Make sure to check out all the locations in case they use any of the similar locations next week!!

Coupon Locations::

$75 off $100 (GONE)- Find the "Q and A" under "Letters to the Editor". Move the "A" to the girl in the blue sweater (top picture) - on her chest on the right.

$50 off $100 (GONE)- You'll need to move 4 stars to the number "4" under "Wear it 4 Ways". First star is in the banner "Wear it 4 ways"; next star is by "Cardi Coats". The last 2 stars are in the banner at the bottom which says "Eva's Weekend Look" (if you move someone left to right, it will say something different but there will still be 4 stars).

20% off entire purchase - Under "Wear it 4 Ways" you'll see a line of dots. Move these over to the line of dots above "Letters to the Editor"

$10 off $50 - Click the bottom star under the "Letters to the editor" section. A quiz will come up - Who is Enrique and Eva's daughter? Answer: Rita

15% off entire purchase - Click on Eva's brown boot (girl in grey/white striped sweater)

10% off when you buy a sweater- Middle picture- Girl with blue dress and brown sweater; move her necklace to the green sweater (cardi coat) on far right. You might need to move her (using arrows) to the front position to be able to click on her boot.

Happy shopping!!