Sunday, August 2, 2009

1.5 TB SATA Hard Drive for $99

With the ever increasing size of digital pictures, the availability of movies and music, and digital recordings (home movies) that you want to store, you find that your hard drive you never thought would get full, is, well, getting full. It's time for a bigger hard drive.

Enter the 1.5 TB SATA Barracuda 7200.11 Internal Hard Drive at Dell home. For the first time, I have found a 1.5 TB ( one Terabyte=1000 Gigabytes) drive for under $100. Dell has an instant $40 discount off their normal $139.99 price, making it $99.99 and free shipping!

After our hard drive crash, I was looking for a large drive to make a backup copy of my C: Drive. I ended up getting a 750GB drive, which so far has been enough, but I am always watchful of a good deal on something bigger.

Everyone knew that prices would keep coming down, and now, the 1.5TB drive is under $100. This is an enormous internal drive for your computer, but you could easily put it in a housing, and make it an external drive. But you have to hurry. The instant discount is only good for today and tomorrow!

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