Monday, July 27, 2009

4 GB micro SD Card for your phone $6.99;

A micro SD card is a simple and easy way to upgrade the storage capacity of your phone (MP3 player, or other small electronic device) on the cheap. You can store more music, pictures, documents, files, whatever you need. You can also use it as a thumb drive, as long as you have an adapter (it does not appear to come with one). has a good deal for a 4 GB card for only $6.99 with free shipping. The brand name is Easystore, which isn't exactly Kingston, but it seems to be getting good reviews on and Amazon. Keep in mind that this is a MicroSDHC card, with the HC meaning High Capacity. Not all devices are compatable with HC memory cards, so check yours (you can usually find out online) to see if it will work.

Amazon also has a great deal on a Sandisk 8GB card for $10.99 plus $4.99 shipping (plus tax in WA). Again, a good deal to increase your phone or media player memory, or to use for storing extra files from your computer.

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