Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wireless Mouse $4.99 NEW!

A nice special from, an iMicro wireless mouse for your laptop or desktop. What's the big deal you say? #1, it reduces the number of cords on the back of your computer. If your computer desk is like ours, there are a ridiculous number of wires, cords, etc. back there, and even one less cord helps. #2, I hate it when the mouse doesn't quite reach as far as I need it to go (or is so tangled in the other cords that it reduces the effective length of the USB cord). So, here is a great solution!

There is one major drawback of a wireless mouse, that is that they use batteries. If your batteries die, your mouse won't work until you replace them.

Shipping looks to be about $3.50

So there you go, this is a good deal if you were thinking "Man, it would be nice if this stinking mouse didn't have a cord!". (Well, it's still a good deal, even if you weren't!)

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